Our Services

INJAZ provides different kind of services that covers almost all the needs of any company, these services are
- Technical consultation Service
- Training
- Backlog services
- Software Testing

Technical consultation Service

Due to today fast moving world and endless creations and innovations, INJAZ professionals and experts can provide customers with up-to-date and
head of the market solutions. Solving problems and providing solutions and many consultation services are offered with professional expertise and
with the goal of assisting our customers in fulfilling their mission with efficiency and reliability, consultancy service covers the following areas :
. Business Process Reengineering
. Requirement Analysis and Defining Solutions Architectures
. RFP preparation
. Bids evaluation (technical and financial)
. Software and application acceptance testing
. Application package selection and evaluation


INJAZ aims to provide organizations with flexible, customized training solutions to achieve measurable results at the best prices on the market.
Our diverse portfolio enables us to gain considerable experience and expertise in the development, production and delivering of learning
programs tailor-made to the needs of both public and private organizations throughout Egypt and the Middle East.
As a customer-focused and owner-managed Company, INJAZ is ideally positioned to deliver our customized programs to achieve your desired results.
The following list is the most common provided coursed. To check all, please contact info@injaz.com.eg.
. SharePoint2013 Development Course
. SharePoint 2013 Administration Course
. SharePoint 2013 End User /Designer course
. Project Management Professional (PMP) Preparation
. Advanced Project Management
. Program Management Professional (PMP)
. Microsoft Project(2010)
. System Analysis and Design
. Advanced System Analysis & Design
. Object Oriented Analysis & Design
. Requirements Engineering
. Feasibility Analysis and Decision Making
. Unified Modeling Language

Backlog services

INJAZ Company has paid a great deal of attention to Backlog on a huge number of documents. INJAZ team has great experience in implementing
and executing Backlog services for big organizations.
The execution of any project for Backlog requires the provision by expert technical team; it is not a matter of use of equipment and programs, but
also in file preparation, restoration, analysis and indexing.
The human element takes priority over equipment, tools and programs.
The Backlog services includes
. Document Imaging, Document Scanning
. Data Entry, Forms processing
. Customer Software Development to assist the backlog process if needed


Localization involves translating websites, software, documentation, etc., into the language of a specific target audience.
It is also concerned with ensuring that a product's content, style, graphics, and cultural conventions such as currencies,
dates, units of measurement, etc. are appropriate to the country and language in which it is to be used.
In other words; Localization is the sum of translation plus customization that is required to create a different language edition
of a product in order for it to work successfully in a particular locale or country.
All text needs to be displayed in the native language and native conventions must be used for sorting and formatting, etc.
(For example, a word processing program may require the addition of a new spellchecker that recognizes words in the local language.)
The goal of Localization is to create a product that looks and feels as though it was created in the target country or market.
The Localization Process includes:
. Translating the user interface software strings
. Rearranging the UI components to preserve the original look and feel after translation
. Resizing dialog boxes to suit the size of the translated text
. Customizing features
. Customizing formats (such as date/time, paper size, etc.)
. Testing the localized edition to ensure that the program works as expected etc.

Software Localization is not simply the translation of user interfaces or documentation.
It is a difficult and sophisticated process that combines translation with engineering.
Consequently our Arabic and Farsi Localization Services can be listed in two categories:
. Translation
. Engineering
Why it is Important to have your Product Localized?
There is a growing awareness throughout the world that Product Localization helps create customer loyalty and generates repeat visits to websites
and use of software programs.
As business becomes more international, localization is becoming more and more important. It is no longer viable to produce software products for
only one market, even if this market is very large. The English language is simply not enough for rapidly expanding global marketing purposes. Your
products need to address a larger range of people, societies and cultures to achieve their maximum potential.
Now is the time to take Localization seriously, if you do not, your competitors certainly will!

Desktop publishing service

Twenty years ago the production of high-quality, illustrated publications would have been the work of a large staff using expensive printing equipment.
Today this same task can be achieved by one person skilled in Desktop Publishing (DTP).
The experts in our Desktop Publishing Department specialize in designing and producing first rate texts and graphics for all kinds of documents, with
meticulous attention paid to quality and accuracy.
Whatever the type, size or source of your document our in-house team of DTP specialists will work closely with our other teams to identify and resolve
any linguistic or localization issues in order to ensure that the end result is always the very best possible in every respect.
DTP tools
Some DTP tools do not support Arabic or Farsi. However, we at INJAZ have devised our own techniques to overcome what would be an obstacle to others.
Using our own particular techniques and experience we produce high-quality documents using a wide range of layout applications, including:
. Adobe InDesign
. PageMaker
. MS Office
. Corel Draw
. Jasc Paintshop Pro
. FrameMaker
. Adobe Photoshop
. Adobe Illustrator
. Macromedia Freehand
. Quark
Our DTP team is fully aware of the cultural impact of both the appearance and linguistic content of a localized product.
We ensure that language-specific punctuation and numerals appear correctly and in the appropriate context.


No matter what kind of document you require, INJAZ can provide you with high-quality, international standards of content in Arabic, Farsi and English.
Either working from scratch, or developing an existing document, our expert documentation team provides our customers with content for websites,
training courses, technical manuals, marketing materials, and much more.
Our documentation specialists work closely with our experts from other departments to ensure the best possible all round results.
Our experience and skills in researching, writing, organizing, collating information, and editing enables us to develop and produce
documents that are specifically customized to suit your needs.
Some of our most popular productions include:
. Fact Sheet
. Quick Reference
. User Guide
. Reference Guide
. Setup Guide
. Administration Guide
. Operational Guide
. Online Help and Web Help
. Websites, etc.
Our Documentation Process includes the following major phases:
. Understanding the product
. Creating the template
. Designing the table of content
. Preparing the content
. Checking the documentation (in the Quality Assurance Department)
. Formatting the documentation in the delivery style.
. Making the final ' Language Sign Off '
Any existing documentation that you have could still be of use. Our team can often take old documentation and by editing and rephrasing
create a fresh and effective product that is as good as new.

Document OCR-ing service

With OCR Service basically anything currently on paper can be scanned into your favorite software as editable text files.
What can INJAZ OCR Service do for you?
. Convert paper documents to a text format (like Word) so that you can then edit them.
. Convert manuals & other publications for sharing over the Internet or your company's intranet.
. Liberate your data from its paper prison. We can produce a database of information so you can get at, apply and analyze it.
. Recover data from hard drive crashes or other disasters where only hard copy is left.
. Save you time, aggravation and money.
Choosing INJAZ OCR Service, a recognized leader with a proven track record and sterling reputation, is a wise move.
Face it; converting paper documents to useable digital data can be stressful. We specialize in paper to digital conversions.
Knowing your project is in experienced hands makes for an anxiety free conversion experience.
This is what you get when you choose INJAZ. Our services cover all aspects of document conversion including, but not limited to,
document preparation, scanning, OCR and cleanup. Save money, time and headaches by putting your project in the hands of a team
already equipped and well trained who bring vast experience to any data conversion project.
Our personnel have been selected for their technical expertise and their understanding of special needs involved in document scanning/
conversion process.

Software Testing

Ever-increasing competition in the global IT industry means that all software products must be thoroughly tested before they are released onto the market.
To maintain consumer trust and loyalty all bugs and defects need to be identified and corrected before they find their way into the hands of the end user.
INJAZ provides two kinds of software testing services:
Localization Testing: Conducted on the localized version of a product to ensure it works properly for the targeted users.
Functionality Testing: Performed on a product's functionality in an execution environment to ensure it meets the required standards.