Identity Documents Recognition

Set new standards
for your line of business.

In order to carry out various operations, everyday millions of people show their passports, ID cards, driving licenses
and other identity documents. Different languages, formats, colours and layouts...

In order to carry out crucial business operations and maintain high level of security, everyday organizations try to
manually process these countless documents and data. Expenses, mistakes, queues and dissatisfied clients...

Manual processing: long, boring, ineffective


Welcome our innovative solution, which will help you
automate the input of data and its further processing!

ABBYY solution is based on ABBYY FlexiCapture and it automates scanning, recognition and extraction of the required
data from ID cards, passports and driving licenses in Arabic, English and other languages. Thanks to its wide set of
features, the technology also allows to validate and authorize processed documents with external databases for
security control.

You can process ID cards anywhere with any scanner or even a mobile phone. The software can be installed on a
server and be available for all employees. Moreover, you can request our SDK and create your own application, ideally
satisfying your specific needs. Lots of languages are supported, including Arabic, English, French, Russian and many

MRZ-reading feature should be specially noted. With ABBYY solution you can extract data from machine-readable zone
quickly and easily. With the help of pre-configured algorithms type of data (name, surname, date of birth etc.) will be
also determined automatically.

Automated processing with ABBYY: fast, innovative, profitable


Here are only some benefits which you can enjoy with our

  • Almost completely eliminate data entry mistakes, occurring due to human factor.
  • Accelerate data entry up to 10 times in comparison to manual retyping. 
  • Increase customers' loyalty by fastening and improving customer service.

Watch how it works:

ABBYY Data Capture Solution for
Lebanese Identity Cards

Arabic OCR