Document Classification Solution

Optimize document-driven business
processes at every single stage.

Both paper and digital resources are classified
automatically according to company rules.

Data-intensive firms seek to cut costs by optimizing all their document-driven business processes - from scanning to archiving.
ABBYY offers intelligent Solutions for image, layout and content classification, which automatically classify paper and digital
resources in accordance with company rules.

How it Works


BPOs, Insurance and Shipping Agents

Automatic pre-sorting of scanned documents according to
type raises the accuracy of subsequent tasks such as data
extraction, data validation, tagging, digital archiving,
document management, etc.

Media, Publishing & SMM

Articles are classified by tags (topic, author, date, etc.),
streamlining content generation and increasing advertising


Government Bodies, Universities, AP

Automatic rule-based classification, prioritization and routing
of incoming content (e-mails and attachments) puts
information at employees' fingertips.


Oil & Gas, Telecoms, Electricity & Utilities

Automatic classification by tags enables report automation.

Law Firms, Media, AP and Personnel

Documents and records related to particular topic (author,
date, etc.), can be found in seconds via faceted search.


Banks and Insurance

Intelligent classification automatically verifies (by type or
tags) if a document set is complete.

Shipping Agents and AP Departments

Automatic classification based on corporate rules spots
duplicated copies and helps avoid double payment or


Correspondence, Shipping & Receiving
Records, Account Payable & Receivable,
Corporate Documents

Automatic rules-based document storage provides timely
migration of older documents to archiving facilities in
accordance government regulations.

Digital Archiving, Document and Records

Document classification based on corporate privacy rules
and authorization levels ensures data security.

Additional Advantages

  • High accessibility and transparency of business-critical
  • Drive revenue with timely analytics and faster decision-
  • Reduce records management risks by applying privacy
    settings and document storage regulations.
  • Do more in less time via automatic routing of incoming
    information and internal files.
  • Cut costs for multiple server support with well-organized
    document archiving.
  • Raise the efficiency of content discovery for legal and
    other data-dependent procedures.

Technologies Leveraged

ABBYY Digital Archiving & Management Solutions are powered by advanced technologies offered exclusively by ABBYY. They

  • Award-winning optical character recognition (OCR) technologies that convert images and photographs into electronic text
  • Intelligent data capture and classification technologies for extracting information from forms and documents of virtually any
    type and complexity
  • Natural language processing technologies for search, classification and information extraction. These detect the true meaning
    of words and their relations to one another, transforming strings of characters into data that makes sense to computers.

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