ABBYY Mobile Apps

Go paperless!

Powerful mobile scanning
and translation technologies.

ABBYY Mobile Apps

OCR, PDF and Document Conversion

ABBYY FineScanner


A handy mobile scanner for making high-quality electronic copies
of documents and OCR printed text on them.

ABBYY TextGrabber + Translator


Capturing and translation information from books, magazines,
ads and timetables on the go by mobile device.

Business Cards Management

ABBYY Business Card Reader


Capturing, storing, organizing and working with contact data
from business cards on your smartphone.

Dictionaries and Translation

ABBYY Lingvo Mobile Dictionaries


Communicate in different languages using ABBYY award-winning
 on iOS, Android or Windows Phone.

ABBYY Lingvo Live


A social networking service for speakers and learners of
different languages with free dictionaries.

ABBYY Lingvo PhraseBooks


Helps you to communicate with English, Spanish, Italian, German,
Russian, and French speakers, learn widely used phrases, and feel
confident while abroad.