About Us

Welcome to INJAZ Software Solutions

Due to today fast moving world and endless creations and innovations, INJAZ professionals and experts can provide customers with up-to-date and head of the market solutions. Solving problems and providing solutions and many consultation services are offered with professional expertise and with the goal of assisting our customers in fulfilling their mission with efficiency and reliability, consultancy service covers the following areas :

  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Requirement Analysis and Defining Solutions Architectures
  • RFP preparation
  • Bids evaluation (technical and financial)
  • Software and application acceptance testing
  • Application package selection and evaluation.

Our Solutions

Egyptian IDReader

Introducing our revolutionary Egyptian ID Reader: the game-changer in effortless and accurate recognition of Egyptian Governmental IDs. Say farewell to time-consuming manual data entry. With a simple scan of any Egyptian ID, our cutting-edge solution swiftly extracts essential information like the holder's Name, Address, and ID number, ensuring unmatched precision. Enjoy advanced validation checks that verify authenticity and expiry dates, leaving no room for errors. Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth flow of data for immediate use. Rest easy knowing that data security is our utmost priority. Discover the convenience, accuracy, and efficiency of our ID recognition solution. Contact us now to unlock the future of ID recognition and supercharge your business operations.

Vodafone Egypt